Frequently Asked Questions

As questions arise about the new version of OrganAssist, I will post the responses here.
You may also find it useful to view some of the short videos on the videos page.

What do I do about the Windows SmartScreen warning
If you click on the More Info link and then click on Run Anyway – OrganAssist should install correctly.

Will OrganAssist be available for Mac OS
A beta test version of OrganAssist 2.8 is now available for download

How do I edit a track created in other sequencing software
Go to the Library, click on File and Set General MIDI Channels to match the channels used in the MIDI file to be imported (these are independent of the channels used normally by the organ).  Now Import General MIDI File.  This should open the Edit Track window showing a track of notes only (unless this was created by OrganAssist using Export General MIDI).  Set the stops you require on the organ and then click Play.  OrganAssist will add these stops at the start of the track and you can change the registration during playback to record other changes.  You can then use Export as MIDI for current organ to create a MIDI file suitable for playback by other software.

How do I change the registration at the start of a track
In the Edit Track window, just press the Pause button. OrganAssist will position the track at the start of the first note and pause so that you can add/change stops. You can then either press Stop to insert these changes into the track immediately or Play to continue playback for futher editing.