Windows Installer

OrganAssist is maintained in my spare time. I will try to resolve any problems and am happy to attempt developing OrganAssist to support new manufacturers if necessary. Please use the Contact Page to give feedback or ask any questions.

Windows Installer – XP to 10

Note РOrganAssist is NOT supported for use on systems with the G.O. software installed.   The effects reported include random freezes and crashes even if G.O. is not running.  Uninstalling G.O. and then re-installing OrganAssist may possibly resolve the issue in some cases.

Existing Users Рplease back up your Documents/OrganAssist folder prior to installing.

Click on this button to download (Filesize: 23 MB)

Windows SmartScreen Warning As an independent developer I do not have the resources to certificate the program installer and so users of recent versions of Windows may get a warning message “Windows protected your PC”. If you click on More Info and the Run Anyway, OrganAssist should install correctly.