macOS Catalina/Big Sur

OrganAssist is maintained in my spare time. I will try to resolve any problems and am happy to attempt developing OrganAssist to support new manufacturers if necessary. Please use the Contact Page to give feedback or ask any questions.

macOS – Catalina and Big Sur

Using the commercial program CrossOver (version 20), it is possible to run 32 bit Windows applications, including OrganAssist, on Catalina and Big Sur.  You can download a free 14 day trial of CrossOver from their website and, if you are happy, it currently costs around $40 / £32.

Once you have installed CrossOver you can install OrganAssist using the installer listed below.  The default installer for Windows will NOT work correctly under CrossOver.  When downloaded the zip file unpacks as OrganAssistMacOS.msi  This is the file to select when installing an application within CrossOver.

There is no need to using the OrganAssist MIDI Helper program as this was only required due to a limitation in the version running natively on previous versions of macOS.

I have tested this configuration under both Catalina and Big Sur but would appreciate feedback of other people’s experience using this setup.

Click on this button to download (Filesize: 22 MB)

Click Here to see a YouTube Video showing how to install  (No Audio)