Release Notes

Release Notes

Version 3.0

New Features

Reset Organ – both with/without MIDI output
Select Organ displays thumbnail of highlighted organ

Edit Organ
Align Stops feature completely rewritten
Hide Keyboards option to provide space for re-arranging stops

Edit Track
File Save As – creates new copy of the track
Highlight specific parts of score both by time and pitch
Move highlighted notes from one specific manual to another
Swap notes between 2 manuals
Transpose entire track +/- 1 semitone
Adjustable “margin” of silence at start / end of track
Save default margins for each individual organ
Hide Library form and other functions that are not available during track edit

General MIDI Import
New MIDI settings dialog with full information
Displays upper and lower notes and average polyphony
Allows multiple channels assigned to same division
Choose MIDI channels or use same settings as Export General Midi
Supports MuseScore MIDI. Assigns each stave to separate manual/pedal
Corrects MuseScore pedal note pitches if required
Saves default channels for General Midi and MuseScore Midi independently

MIDI Import for Current Organ
Scans track for gaps and if multiple pieces displays additional options
Option to automatically split long tracks into individual pieces
Option to re-export results as MIDI immediately
Option to delete temporary files

MIDI Setup
Changes to MIDI device selection activate immediately (without closing the form)
Record/Playback feature to use raw MIDI data for testing hardware setup
MIDI lists display the last message at the bottom and scroll as required

Backup Entire Library to MIDI (for current organ)
After recording session, playback defaults to last recorded track
Backup copies of edited organs and tracks moved to separate Backup folder
Playback Duration / Elapsed Time display supports > 1 hour

BUG FIXES in Version 3.0

ALL PREVIOUS VERSIONS – both Windows and macOS
MIDI Program Change messages on Channel 8 (messages starting C7) were corrupted

Program Change MIDI messages (on any channel) created extra MIDI messages in error
OrganAssist would not run on some machines using Sierra
Random incoming MIDI messages lost. This is due to a problem within the technology that enables OrganAssist to run on macOS (Wine)
NOTE – MIDI loss is only resolved by using OA Midi Helper to process MIDI input

Track Edit
Undo edit was not processed correctly

Edit Organ
Random errors after deleting a Stop

File Import
Import MIDI did not handle HW Crescendo stops correctly

If notes locked on due to external factors – clicking playback crashed OrganAssist
macOS Only – Keyboard shortcuts for navigation, volume and transpose etc, not handled correctly

Version 2.8

Add provisional support for MacOS
Classic Organ Works – now supported
Peterson – now supported
Rodgers – support added for variable ID codes
Solid State – support for newer systems
MIDI Feedback Protection – to stop “sticky notes”
Track Edit – Move notes between divisions
Track Edit – Highlight groups of notes
Library and Playlist – improve usability
Playlists – can now be set to repeat automatically and shuffle tracks
Edit Organ Layout – add Toggle Stop button for use during setup
Bug fix in Edit Organ – Clear All Midi was not always saved correctly.

Version 2.7.50

The major priorities for OrganAssist 2.7 were:
1.     Improve the reliability and usability of the Edit Organ feature
2.     Add full support for the current version of Hauptwerk

Other new features since OrganAssist 2.5 or earlier include:

Now includes Export/Import MIDI file in current organ format

Edit Organ
Many bug fixes
Expanded to support instruments with 5 keyboards + pedals
Multiple Level Undo for reversing edits
New feature to highlight and move/zoom objects
New options for aligning Stops in Grid format
Equivalent Stop List restructured to remove all duplicates.
Coupler names in Stop List recalculated to match Keyboard/ Division names.
Division List sorted to match keyboard order on screen.

Edit Track
New feature to Smooth Volume for removing “noise” from recording
Double click on “piano roll” to restart playback at a specific location

Other Changes
Default data file location now “OrganAssist” within the Documents folder
This folder now holds all supporting files including languages, help and configuration.
User Manual rewritten as pdf/html