OrganAssist is a free program providing a simple way of recording MIDI and editing music played on classical (church) organs.  OrganAssist works with both digital organs and pipe organs equipped with a MIDI interface.

OrganAssist is the only software that enables the playback of all MIDI recordings on ANY digital or pipe organ complete with all registration and expression. This is limited only by the capabilities of the instrument being used – all that is required is a MIDI interface.

*** UPDATED 24th February 2020  ***

The latest Beta Test version of OrganAssist version 3.1 NOW AVAILABLE for macOS and Windows – Click Here

Please contact me if you need help with OrganAssist, I will do my best to assist.

If you are interested in When?, Why? and How? then click on the History item in the top menu to read the long story.  This contains a peek behind the curtain that is OrganAssist!

Here are some examples of feedback from other people:

I’ve introduced the program to so many churches and still think it’s the best program out there 
Thanks again for an extremely useful piece of software which I use on a regular basis.
Thank you again for making this resource available and effective.  I am truly delighted with the results.
Fantastic piece of software! Just love it!
Very happy, and plan on recommending it to any of my customers
Thank you for your quick response and for this excellent program.
I have been using OrganAssist for many years in our church with great success
It’s working perfectly with the organ. Now it’s set up it’s such a user-friendly system for our organist to use to record
Using your software has probably saved this pipe organ from never being used.


Record entire services with a single click


Create play lists – change the number of verses


Edit pieces including registration


Translate pieces for many other organs