OrganAssist is a free program that provides a simple way of using MIDI to record, edit and translate music played on classical (church) organs. OrganAssist works with both digital organs and pipe organs equipped with a MIDI interface.

OrganAssist is a software sequencer that is specifically designed for editing performances recorded on organs. It is also capable of automatically translating all recordings into MIDI to play on ANY other digital or pipe organ complete with all registration and expression. This is limited only by the capabilities of the instrument being used – all that is required is a MIDI interface. This includes full support for complex MIDI implementations like Rodgers and Peterson among others.

OrganAssist 3.2.27 now available for Windows XP to 10

Updated 11th May 2022 – See the Release Notes for changes since previous version (3.2.14)

IMPORTANT – OrganAssist MAY work on some macOS hardware but it is no longer officially supported. 

A download of the latest version for macOS High Sierra and Mojave is still available. 

Please contact me if you need help with OrganAssist, I will do my best to assist.  I am happy, if necessary, to add specific support for any manufacturer’s system should it require additional programming.

Record entire services with a single click


Translate music for other organs automatically

Edit pieces including registration


Create play lists – change the number of verses