Beta Test

This page was last updated on 15th October 2019 – the latest version is 3.1.20

Beta Test Version 3.1

IMPORTANT – Version 3.1.20 is a major upgrade from ALL previous versions of OrganAssist as it uses a more recent version of the WINE software.  This solves some persistent errors switching windows in macOS.  However, currently this has only been tested on macOS Mojave.  

This version also includes significant new features for creating customisable console layouts for Hauptwerk.  Please refer to the Release Notes

Known Issues in 3.1.20

None at this time.

Release Notes

I have not yet updated any of the documentation or videos with information about this new version. Currently the only documentation available is the Release Notes which contains a list of all signification changes and new features. I hope to create a video demonstrating the new features in the next week or two.

Click on this button to download the Release Notes (PDF)

You can find more information about any software requirements and how to resolve any installation issues on the Downloads page.  

Be aware that OrganAssist is fully compatible with Hauptwerk but will not work on computers with G.O. installed due to a system file conflict.

Windows Installer – XP to 10

Existing Users – please back up your Documents/OrganAssist folder prior to installing.

Click on this button to download (Filesize: 17 MB)

macOS – High Sierra and Mojave ONLY

Version 3.1.20 has only been tested on both macOS High Sierra and Mojave and is not currently supported on older versions of macOS.  

OrganAssist should run on any Mac computer made from mid-2009 to mid-2019 provided it is running macOS High Sierra or Mojave 
It is a 32 bit app (and cannot be upgraded) and so will NOT run on Catalina or later versions of macOS.

You MUST copy/move the app to a different folder (for example your Desktop) BEFORE running it the first time.  See the instructions at the bottom of this page to recover from this.

*** IMPORTANT *** – To run OrganAssist on macOS you will need to download both OrganAssist and also the OA Midi Helper application.  This is required to prevent MIDI data loss on input to OrganAssist.  Please see the User Manual for instructions on configuring your macOS setup.

Click on this button to download (Filesize: 220 MB)

Click on this button to download (Filesize: 3.4 MB)

If you encounter any bugs or want information about using a new feature then please use the Contact Page or email me directly.

macOS users – If you have already run OrganAssist from the Downloads folder then this has created an invalid folder elsewhere that prevents OrganAssist from running permanently. To solve this problem you MUST go to your Home/Library/Application Support folder and delete any folder(s) starting with com.organassist (the name will include a random number). After deleting any com.organassist folders, move the application from Downloads to another location using Finder and then run it again.  You can use the Finder option, Go to the Folder using the name ~/Library/Application Support   (note the space between Application and Support).